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Not only do we offer a main season of 16 films, shown on alternate Fridays from September to April, but also several extra films.


All films are shown at the Hive, 5 Belmont, Shrewsbury SY1 1TE. Tickets are £6 on the door.
Films start at 8pm with the bar open from 7:30pm.
Sunday films start at 4pm, with the bar open from 3.30pm.

Thirty advance tickets are available from the Hive, either online via their website or by dropping in (Tuesday to Friday). Some of our films are very popular so if you choose to turn up on the night, try to get there early to avoid disappointment.

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Friday 19 January 2018


The Other Side Of Hope

12 | Finland | 2016 | Finnish, English, Arabic, Swedish
Comedy, Drama
Director: Aki Kaurismäki
Included in Main Season
When a young, Syrian asylum seeker emerges from a coal pile in Helsinki, a very distinctive immigration drama gets underway. A gorgeous, poignant comedy.

Wednesday 24 January 2018


The Headless Woman

12 | Argentina | 2008 | Spanish
Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Lucrecia Martel

Veronica hits something while out driving and news emerges that a child has disappeared. This mystery thriller from one of Argentina's leading directors has attracted huge critical acclaim.

Wednesday 31 January 2018


The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum

15 | Germany | 1975 | German
Crime, Drama
Director: Volker Schlöndorff & Margarethe von Trotta

Set in a climate of fear and paranoia, a young woman's life is slowly destroyed following her innocent meeting with a man who is suspected by the authorities of being a political activist.

Friday 2 February 2018


The Clan

15 | Argentina | 2015 | Spanish
Biography, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director: Pablo Trapero
Included in Main Season
In a Buenos Aires suburb a seemingly normal family runs a kidnap, extortion and murder business. An astonishing, true-life story from the 1980s and a truly shocking thriller.

Friday 16 February 2018


The Salesman

12 | Iran | 2016 | Persian, English
Drama, Thriller
Director: Asghar Farhadi
Included in Main Season
Winner of the best foreign film Oscar, this is another gripping drama from Ashgar Farhadi (A Separation, About Elly) telling of a case of mistaken identity causing family tensions.

Wednesday 21 February 2018


The Midwife

12 | France | 2016 | French
Director: Martin Provost

Two French acting greats, Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot, star in this engrossing drama about two very different women and who share a complex past.

Friday 2 March 2018


The Olive Tree

15 | Spain | 2016 | Spanish, German, English, French
Comedy, Drama
Director: Icíar Bollaín (as Iciar Bollain)
Included in Main Season
Alma decides to help her grandfather by engaging in an epic quest to retrieve the family olive tree from Germany. Part road-movie, part quest for family roots, this is a moving European drama.

Friday 16 March 2018



15 | Romania | 2016 | Romanian
Crime, Drama
Director: Cristian Mungiu
Included in Main Season
Winner of the best director award at Cannes, this complex family drama is a masterful exploration of corruption, bureaucracy and moral dilemmas.

Wednesday 21 March 2018


The Eagle Huntress

U | Mongolia | 2016 | Kazakh
Documentary, Adventure, Sport
Director: Otto Bell

A 13-year-old girl trains to become the first female eagle hunter in twelve generations. A remarkable documentary featuring spectacular scenery and awe-inspiring photography.

Friday 6 April 2018


How I Ended This Summer

12 | Russia | 2010 | Russian
Director: Aleksey Popogrebskiy
Included in Main Season
Two scientists stranded on a weather station in the remotest part of Siberia are caught in a web of lies, deception and suspicion that mirrors modern Russia.

Friday 20 April 2018


The Commune

15 | Denmark | 2016 | Danish
Director: Thomas Vinterberg
Included in Main Season
In 1970s Copenhagen, a professional couple and their group of friends set up an experimental commune. Soon, tensions emerge as love, friendship and togetherness appear elusive.

Friday 4 May 2018


A Man Called Ove

15 | Sweden | 2016 | Swedish, Persian
Comedy, Drama
Director: Hannes Holm
Included in Main Season
A touching and sometimes comic drama about a stubborn man who is all too willing to point out the faults in his neighbours. One of the most popular and entertaining films to come from Sweden in many years.